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“Life goes on with or without them.”

  1. “Experience is the best Teacher.” we have heard this manytimes and have also experienced it.  Experience taught us more than any school or college’s can do, It teach us how to make our own way in this curel world, facing so many difficulties in day to day lives and dealing with so many temporary peoples. Life throws so much stones on you, the kind of stones which are wrapped with fake love, fake promises and fake faces which keeps on pushing you behind… They Judge you especially to girls/womens..
  2. They keep on judging for no reason. Perfection is the disease of the society/nation.  Fat, thin, tall, short, fair, dark, too dumb, oversmart, arrogant, shameless, slut, narrow-minded, boring, annoying.. They won’t stop judging you! Its not easy to step out in this male-dominating world..
  3. Maturity never comes with age it comes with an experience. Age is just a number. Let them throw stones we just have to be strong, stronger or maybe strongest than those stones and build your empire with the same stones that were thrown at You! 
  4. This Judgemental world cant destroy a women. A women is unstoppable when she realizes she deserves better and than those unwanted opinions will never stop her. #stay strong and move on🌹 #queendomπŸ’•